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They say "Do what you enjoy", and for me, this is it! About me? I'm sure my kids have got some stories they'd like to share, but they're not here at the moment, so I'll fill you in...

I started at a printing company in Syracuse, way back in... well, let's just say I was 16 years old. I was in my senior year and went to school in the morning and worked in the afternoon. As time went on, I became the Office Manager, and before you knew it, I was moved into the Production Department, handling printing jobs from start to finish.

One big part of my job at the printing company was to handle the wedding invitation orders as they came in. I wasn't "supposed to" spend a lot of time with invitation customers because the boss thought that it was too time-consuming. But I thought differently and took the time to be sure they knew what was needed. I really enjoyed that part of my job, working with them to get it "just right". Don't tell anyone, but that was decades ago. Let's just say I've handled a lot of wedding invitation orders since then.

Well, after years in the corporate world, one day I decided to take my talents on the road. You see, I have a wild and vivid imagination and I just knew that I could do more for people, working for myself. I'm a "helper" by nature, and would truly enjoy meeting and working with folks on a one-to-one basis. So began Now I could assist customers any time of the day with their printing needs, advertising, and website start-ups. But what I always seemed to find myself going back to, was assisting people with their wedding invitations... which, I must admit, is my FAVORITE things to do.

Then it hit me... There was a need for someone in the area who focused completely on helping folks to find the perfect invitation for their MAJOR LIFE EVENTS! After all, you could get printing done anywhere around town, but did these companies have an assistant ready to help you? I decided this would be my niche. Well, they say "Necessity is the Mother of Invention". In fact, describes it as "A need or problem which encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem." Heck, I'm creative! My imagination is always in the fast lane! I can do this! So began Celebrations in Ink, Invitations by

Today I have my own studio in the front of our home, where I have thousands of invitations to show my customers. I work by appointment so I can give you my undivided attention. There's always lots of questions, which I enjoy answering. Sometimes it's hard to choose between two invitations, so I use my graphic/printing background to create a custom, one-of-a-kind order, exactly as the customer wants it.

If you're planning a major event in your life and will be in need of invitations, I hope you'll give me a call or shoot me an email. I'd love to help you create something special.

Thanks, Kathy "KC" Colvin

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